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With over 25 years of serving manufacturers of all sizes covering a broad range of industries, Ever First can solve your wiring harness and custom electrical assembly needs.

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Ever First is the expert in custom wiring harness and plastic injection insert/overmolding. With customers in commercial vehicle manufacturing, automotive supply, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment and sensors and controls.

  • Flexible manufacturing facilities with the ability to handle both high volume production and short run orders.
  • Quick turn-around time on our USA-based short run lines to fulfill prototype, samples to support program development and production launches.
  • Engineering support through all phases of design and engineering.

Introduction to Wiring Harnesses

Wiring Harness Basics

A wire harness or cable assembly is an assembly of wires or cables that transmits signals or electrical power.

  • The wire or cable is frequently bound together with wire ties, lacing, sleeves, tape conduit or a number of other options including a combination of the above.
  • A harness provides advantages over loose wires and cables by offering decreased installation time and allows for standardization.
  • Wires often have terminals attached which can then be assembled into keyed housings for error proofing and connection to other parts of the final assembly.
  • Harness assembly is typically done manually due to the many different processes involved.
  • Refer to Ever First wiring harness design guidelines for more information.

Wiring harness design is often overlooked in the product development.

  • This can result in incomplete drawings and obstacles in the manufacturing process.
  • Early partnership with Ever First can help guide the design by avoiding many last minute changes.
  • OEM Tooling and material lead times can be very long – advanced planning is important.

Harnessing can be broken down into several areas:

  • Leaded wire
  • Frequently used in point to point wiring
  • Typically made on automated equipment
  • Low complexity
  • Minimal labor
  • Good quality
  • Additional savings opportunities for customer with bundling the leads into a harness

harness terminations

Wiring Harness or Cable Assembly

  • Usually includes terminals and housings along with other components
  • This can be made via a mix of manual and automated operations
  • Often this has a higher labor content and need for the higher quality controls developed by Ever First which includes 100% testing
  • Wiring Harnesses are made up of individual wires where as Cable Assemblies are made with a multi conductor jacketed cable

Cutting/ Stripping/ Crimping

  • A key aspect of a high quality harness is the terminal crimp
  • Crimping is a method of attaching a terminal or contact end to an electrical conductor
  • Essential to control for maintaining good electrical and mechanical characteristics
  • Use of OEM components and tooling contribute to a high quality consistent connection
  • Ever First goes well beyond simply checking crimp height, width and pull test by use of a full terminal verification which includes a cross section analysis of the crimp

Our capabilites equal your opportunities.

As a leading producer of wiring harness and over molded products, we possess the broad capabilities to mold virtually anything and engineer the harness solutions that our customers’ require.

We take great pride in our world class manufacturing facilities and products.

  • Facility 1
    Facility, ChangAn, Dongguan, Guangdong
    Our 100,000 sq. ft. production facility in the heart of China
  • Facility 2
    Facility, ChangAn, Dongguan, Guangdong
    Our 100,000 sq. ft. production facility in the heart of China
  • facility 3
    Facility, ChangAn, Dongguan, Guangdong
    Our 100,000 sq. ft. production facility in the heart of China

Ever First’s quality philosophy of a working partnership for exceeding customer expectations has been incorporated into all aspects of our business.

Ever First Corporation is strongly committed to providing wiring harness and electromechanical assemblies that exceed your expectations. To accomplish this, quality has been incorporated into all aspects of our business. This quality philosophy assures the highest value and satisfaction for both you and our employees. We produce and deliver products that provide optimal functionality with a passionate focus on your needs and desires.

The concept of continuous improvement is a key element in the Ever First way of doing things and is embraced by the company owners, management and employees, as well as our external suppliers. This concept benefits both you and Ever First by assuring your satisfaction, reducing cycle times and costs, and eliminating errors and re-work.

The Ever First Quality Management System embodies the two following two concepts which serve as guidance on how we achieve our goals.

Get it right first time, every time and exceed your expectations.

We achieve this by structured Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) that defines and establishes the steps necessary to assure and to facilitate with all involved so that our products meet your requirement. This APQP process then translates into our expertise in Design for Manufacturability (DFM). DFM focuses on cost-effectiveness, simplification, optimization, and error-prone proof.

Create a consistency of purpose between our organization and you.

Our QMS structure and processes inspire a sense of mission and purpose throughout our entire organization. Every individual has ownership in quality; this is supported by goals and objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based (SMART). Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to the internationally recognized standards of ISO 9001 (2008), ISO 14001 (2004) and TS16949 (1Q2014).

Learn more about our Commitment to Quality


Assembly Line Production

This short video of one of our assembly lines is an example of Ever First’s lean manufacturing processes and quality standards that are in place every step of the way. From the start with the Push-Click-Pull test jigs, to the Poka-Yoke assembly test fixtures, to the finishing continuity test ensuring that every circuit is 100% tested on the line.

Push-Click-Pull Testing

Manufactured and designed in-house by Ever First engineering; the Push-Click-Pull test fixture is incorporated into the wire harness production line to insure that every terminal is properly seated into the housing. This is one part of insuring our customer receives the highest quality every time.

Engineering and Development Assistance

Ever First supports all phases of design and engineering of new wiring harnesses and over molded products.

There are three major steps in development

  • Step 1
    Conceptual configuration to determine the relative dimensions needed.
  • Step 2
    Pre-production design proof of the proper form to be used in manufacturing.
  • Step 3
    Manufacturing and pre- production test-runs to support testing and prove manufacturing process prior to full-scale production.

In addition, we offer timely and cost-effective evaluation of your existing or planned custom wire harness assembly and overmolding needs. Ever First customers rely on our engineering assistance to redesign components and help them maximize product reliability, simplify installation and streamline their supply chain.

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